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About Chef Felicia

When it comes to affairs of the heart and getting down in the kitchen this southern bell from Greensboro, North Carolina, doesn’t play! Known as the “Deep Fry Queen of the Kitchen,” Felicia Turrentine-Daniel has crafted her own signature style of shelling out advice to women, while whipping up a delicious southern meals in the kitchen. She is the author of,"Confessions of a Deep Fry Master."

Cooking has always been a passion of Chef Felicia's. She is a second generation State Fair concessionaire and she learned how to cook from her uncle at the tender age of ten. Fair goers from across the state travel to get a taste of Felicia’s Deep Fried food as well as her advice.

Word quickly spread about Felicia’s deep fry skills after being featured on numerous local news shows. Soon after, her home style deep fried mac and cheese balls with a spicy sauce, landed her as a contestant on Discovery Channel's Deep Fried Masters, The Cooking Channel "Carnival Eats" and other national shows such as Steve Harvey.


Some of Chef Felicia's accomplishments include:

Confessions of a Deep Fried Master

Confessions of a Deep Fried Master by Felicia Turrentine-Daniel
The Steve Harvey Show

Deep Fried Masters

NC State Fair